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Blood Laboratory and Genetic Testing Lab

The lab has modern Technology to do the blood test which includes all the samples required to take care of the mother during all the trimesters.

The lab unit will be cared by many specialised and qualified people. The team attending to the expected mother and the mothers include:

  • Phlebotomist: Registered and specially trained
  • Phlebotomist who will draw blood sample from the Guest.
  • Technician: Registered and Specially trained Technician who will run the blood sample collected on automated machines and generates reports.
  • Pathologist: The medically qualified and registered pathologist from Indian Medical Council with at least 4 years of experience. He will analyses and generate the lab reports which will assist the Ob – Gyns to prescribe the medication to the mother to be or to the mother.
  • Bio – Chemist: He will be a medically qualified and registered bio chemist who has undergone a special training on genetic testing.