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Obstetrical Ultrasound Unit (OUU)

We have an Obstetrical Ultrasound Unit (OUU) which is a home to the state-of-the-art 4D, real time ultrasound imaging system from GE (Voluson 4D). This machine is primarily used in analyzing foetal development. The ultrasound examination works by directing sound waves of very high pitch at the tissues in your abdominal areas. The sound waves are visually translated into a pattern of light and dark area. The waves create an image of the baby on a monitor. The equipment is manned by a qualified Radiologist/ Sonologist who are specially trained in doing the pregnancy screening. He/she will be able to study the gestational age of the baby or developing relationship between the body and the baby. The test may last for about 20 minutes. The equipment is also capable of detecting abnormality and the high risk pregnancy and the doctor can view the baby’s heart beat, baby’s head to spine development and can also detect defect in the neural tube.

During the time of procedure itself the mother can view the movement of the baby through the separate monitors placed in front.


Trans vaginal Probe:
In early pregnancy, the uterus and fallopian tubes are closer towards abdominal surface. The
Process is opted to get clear picture of the baby and the structure around it.

Doppler Study:
Doppler imaging measures minute changes in the frequency of the USG waves as they bounces off moving object such as Blood cells.

Fetal Echo cardiograph:
In this USG waves are sent to provide a more detailed picture of the baby’s heart. It focuses on heart anatomy and functions. It helps in studying congenital heart defect.