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Birthing Suite (LDR - Hill-Rom Affinity 4 Beds)

MATRIA uses one of the most sophisticated birthing beds from Hill-Rom, USA. The Affinity 4 birthing bed delivers on the promise of a safe, sleek birthing bed that functions in the busiest environment with ease.

During labor and delivery, the staff doesn’t have the luxury of time to spare even a few minutes to search for equipment, look for an outlet, or use complicated controls. The Affinity 4 bed is designed to reduce the hassles the caregivers face every day.

  • Choice of Analgesia and Epidural Anesthesia (Painless Delivery)
  • Home – like decor also have a bath, where pregnant women can labour and deliver.
  • The partner (Husband) and the family members can be an active part of birthing team.
  • Complete privacy For Mother and Family.


Each of these LDR suites has been furnished with soft soothing colours and will be furnished with multi position birthing beds that adjust to a variety of birthing position to enable labour and an easy delivery.

Each of these LDR suites have recliners, a rocking chair; an entertainment system which includes TV, DVD, select music and movies, a large mirror to witness your child birth by yourself. Private shower in well-designed bath rooms to help mother relax during and after delivery.

“MATRIA introduces the LDR room (pictures above) concept for the very first time in India. The LDR room is the one-stop destination for women facing imminent labour. It takes just minutes for a comfortable temporary accommodation to become an LDR room, which has all the equipment the staff needs to ensure a safe and comfortable delivery.”