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Effect of Cosmetic Surgery on Self-esteem


Confidence and self-esteem are practically connected to Appearance very much, irrespective of what we say about inner beauty and inner personality. We live in a world where glamour quotient is a parameter for social evaluation of personality. Look gets admired always. ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever’, even John Keats wrote. Better look seeds joy in you and the world around you. So, if the look can be enhanced, why don’t you go for it?. An if it is affordable too, where is the scope for a second thought?. That is the reason why Cosmetic Surgery is getting more and more popularity even among very  common people nowadays.

Self-esteem is the word of this century. This term is used during almost  every  discussion,  be it be on women empowerment or on personality development. Individuality matters. ‘I exist’ is not a selfish phrase but a confident statement of individuality which  always looks forward and never think of darker side of life. People know life is  very short and they want to make it as brighter as much as possible. So they move to the safe havens of promises that fulfill their self-esteem. If better look can boost self-esteem, why can’t you choose it? That is the reason why Cosmetic Surgery is the preferred choice of thousands today.

There have been studies aimed to determine the effect of cosmetic surgery on self-esteem and self-conceptualization of surgical patients and assess the role of identity status in this respect.

The study results shows that self-esteem of respondents increased significantly after the operation and they are more and more confident in life than before.

Most of the cosmetic surgery candidates had identity achievement, and identity foreclosure ranked second. They have successfully passed identity crisis and are in peace with them. Such people believe in some values and goals, are satisfied with their lives and know what they want to do with their life. They less commonly experience confusion or anxiety,  thus, they accept the changes following cosmetic surgery more willingly and are less affected by opinions of others. Subjects with identity foreclosure have less experienced crisis in their life and are strongly bound by their goals and values.

In today’s scenario, Cosmetic Surgery is easily accessible and affordable as advancement in technology and availability of experts in the filed. Breast reduction, Abdominal Lipectomy(tummy tuck), Liposuction, Facelift, Lid Blepharoplasty etc have become common nowadays. It is not just for looking younger but for feeling smarter.

“It certainly helped me. I was self-conscious about how I looked as a teenager, which was not unusual really, but I was shy and introverted as well. But now I got transformed much more inwardly and mentally than any outward physical change though. I became more confident to the point of being bold even. There is no more squirming or self-consciousness really as I grew into the new me.”  Writes Veronike Harris on Quora under a topic on ‘How cosmetic surgery changed my life’. She had undergone Rhinoplasty for correcting her nose. There are hundreds on such testimonials on how the procedure helped to boost self-esteem without burning the pocket much.

Surely, ‘A thing of esteem is a joy for ever’

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