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How is the Matria different from other hospitals?

  1. Cradle is not a multi-specialty care center/hospital. It is specialized only in Woman and Child Care. We believe mother or mom-to-be are not patients and pregnancy is not an illness. Mom-to-be/mothers need to be pampered and cared with the loved ones around her while she is delivering her bundle of joy.
  2. Every mother and child is provided with a luxury and suite room and she has all the liberty to choose her time to meet her guests, her preferred food, her private nurse, her favorite music to listen to, her choice of movie to watch, last but not the least her toiletries also.
  3. She can take a walk or crack a joke in the hospital corridor during those anxious moments of her child birth, because she is sure that the next room is occupied by another mother for delivery and not any cardiac or accident patients.
  4. Every Mother and her family can celebrate her child birth by sharing the Joy of Cutting the Cake at The Cradle and the celebrations doesn’t end there and we ensure it continues till the babies enter their home for the first time.
  5. Every mother is gifted with a sapling, Baby essential Diaper bag, framed family photograph, and baby is gifted with his/her birthing story.