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Does age matter?

Fertility decreases with age. Women in their twenties are more fertile than women in their thirties and on an average, it gets far more difficult for a woman to conceive after the age of 35. Fertility is at its peak when a woman is in her twenties, and when she is
between 30-35, fertility is down by around 15 to 20 percent. This is not very much lower, and it probably means just a few more months of trying to get pregnant. However, once a woman reaches the age of 35, it is harder for her to conceive, and if she is trying to have her first child after 35, chances of it being born with Down’s Syndrome are greater. All this really means is that the mother will have to take more
care during her pregnancy, and if she is careful, she can give birth to a happy, healthy baby at any age. Older pregnant women have a higher risk of pregnancy induced hypertension (preeclampsia) and diabetes (gestational diabetes). Also, the chances of a woman giving birth to twins, peak between the ages of 35 to 39!