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This summer, take good care of your skin

Summer means celebration. It’s the season of holidays, festivals, outings, jackfruits, multi-style mangoes, tetra pack bursts, cola tinkles and a lot more. But summer is severe too. The side effect of summer harms you in many ways. Your health may be in queue for welcoming diseases from fever to food poisoning. Of course, precautions can be taken to keep bacteria and viruses away from your way.  But what about non -bacterial attacks?.

Heat can cheat your charm. Rashes can kill its smoothness and shine. You can’t avoid outings and you can’t afford skin damage too. Dehydration can make your skin dry and disappoint your confidence. Let’s find ways to protect the skin during scorching summer.

The hot weather can turn your skin rough and dull and it causes pores to be clogged with sweat and dust. You have to gives special care to the skin in order to keep it healthy and glowing in this season.

The most inexpensive method for keeping skin smooth is to have enough intake of water. Dehydration is harmful not only for your body but for your skin too. It is better to include fresh fruit juices that will eliminate toxins and keep your body with sufficient nutrition.

Say bye to any form of alcoholic drink as it causes more dehydration. Replacing coffee with green tea, which is a strong natural antioxidant is also good for your skin in summer. Also, it is better to avoid too much spicy and oily food, as they can retard digestive function. Fruit juices, coconut water, buttermilk or plain water helps to reduce the heat and keep the body cool enough. Try to include watermelon, cucumber, orange, lemon, etc. in the diet as they provide adequate nutrients and antioxidants.

Be smart to choose the best skin care products and artificial agents during summer.  Substandard products can trigger inflammation and dehydration in the skin and make it dull and dry.  Use genuine sunscreen oil on your body that will protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. You can make your own almond face mask at home by putting three or four almonds in milk for overnight and making a paste out of it adding a spoon of milk to it. Applying this paste for twenty minutes will make your facial skin perfect.

Workouts or yoga in the early morning or in the evening will help to get rid of the toxins from your body and keep your skin glowing


Babies in summer

Baby’s skin is thin and delicate so it can easily get sunburned. Try to keep the baby inside the home in the peak hours of the day and ensure enough hydration. The room must be properly ventilated for sufficient air circulation. Take measure against mosquito bites as summer is the season of epidemics.

Babies sweat a lot and can cause itchy heat rash or tiny red bumps on neck, face, armpits, etc. They are caused by clogged sweat-gland pores. To avoid this, use mild soap and give a lukewarm bath. Fruits rich in vitamin C are good to prevent a recurrence.

Even for the evening outing, dress the baby in lightweight clothes covering as much as skin possible. Apply sunscreen exclusively made for children before stepping out of the home.

In case of heat, rashes appear in the body, first cool baby’s skin by applying a cold wet cloth gently for ten minutes, three-four times a day. If the child is younger than one year and gets sunburn, immediately bring to the doctor.


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