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Look Better, Feel Confident – Cosmetic Surgery Can Do Wonders

Who doesn’t want to look better! With the advent of cosmetic surgery, it’s not difficult to achieve the look you wish to have. It is just a matter of time before you embark on a journey to find the best looks that suit you.

Before going into the intricacies of cosmetic surgery let us know the basic purpose of conducting a cosmetic surgery. Well, it is quite simple, to obtain better looks and to change how a body is perceived. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion. It can be performed on all areas of the head, neck, and body.

Cosmetic surgery procedures include Breast Enhancement (Augmentation, Lift, Reduction), Facial Contouring (Rhinoplasty, Chin, or Cheek Enhancement), Facial Rejuvenation (Facelift, Eyelid Lift, Neck Lift, Brow Lift), Body Contouring  (Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Gynecomastia Treatment) and Skin Rejuvenation.

A very popular cosmetic surgery that women opt for is the tummy tuck surgery. The body of women goes through a lot of changes like unprecedented weight loss and gain, pregnancy, stretch marks, saggy skin etc. They face a lot of confidence issues due to their uneven body contours. This is due to the excessive and uncontrolled accumulation of fat in the body. With cosmetic surgeries, the amount of fat accumulated can be controlled and brought down.

The two very popular surgeries for removal of fat are Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Liposuction. The elasticity of skin plays an important role in determining the kind of surgery opted. That is why liposuction is done by women who are below 40 years old since their skin elasticity has not undergone a major shift.

The tummy tuck surgeries are usually done by women who are above 40 years old. Even though both these surgeries can be done on men as well, more number of women undergo these surgeries as means of cosmetic and corrective surgery.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Tightening the skin muscles caused by excessive weight loss or gain is the main purpose of this type of surgery.

A great body contour is achieved as a result of this surgery. Let me tell you how. The excess abdominal skin is removed as a result of which tightening of muscles take place giving your body the perfect shape and tone.

Another fact is that there are chances of getting scars but it will heal with time and mainly depends on the type of tummy tuck surgery one is getting. Abdominoplasty is definitely the best solution for someone with loose skin muscles and tissues. The recovery time once the surgery is done varies from person to person. Usually, it takes 2 to 3 weeks time for recovery.


This is yet another very effective method in removing excess fat from the body. Liposuction helps to reshape the tissue areas where excess fat is stored. While compared to Abdominoplasty this surgery is done on skin that has not lost its elasticity, that is, on a much younger lot, ideally in the age group of people below 40 years of age. The pain is lesser with liposuction and the recovery time after the surgery is also less. Smaller incisions result in lesser pain and it can be performed on thighs, buttocks, abdomen, chest, cheeks, arms, underarms, back, knee and calves.

Some women are in a dilemma as to which is better, Liposuction or Abdominoplasty.

As a deciding factor, you need to look at the issues that your body is confronted with. If your area of worry is loose skin and separated muscles then you must stick to Abdominoplasty.

On the other hand if stubborn fat is your main area of worry then liposuction would be ideal. The good thing about liposuction and abdominoplasty is that they can complement each other. So if you have an array of issues like excess skin, separated abdominal tissues and hard to remove fat then you can consult a doctor for both.

If a contoured, sculpted body is your aim then a combination of both procedures can help you achieve your goal.

Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty

Let us take a look at another important cosmetic surgery done on the eyes. It is called eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty which helps to resolve issues like sagging eyelids.

Sagging eyelids may hinder your eyesight and to remove bagginess from lower eyelids and excess skin from the upper eyelids surgery to the eyelids are done.

Being a surgical procedure it is better to take some time off from work and rest after the surgery even though many people recover in a very short period of 10 to 14 days. You can read in just a few days after an eyelid surgery so this time can be utilised to read your favourite books.

For better recovery after eyelid surgery, it is advisable to refrain from using contact lenses and make up for two weeks after the surgery as it helps to reduce swelling and ensure better results.

Benefits of Eyelid surgery

Erase fine lines: Fine lines is an issue faced by many irrespective of age. It can be removed by eyelid surgery. The main causes for fine lines are lack of sleep, moisturizer, increased stress etc.

Reduce under eye bags: Stress is the main cause for under eye bags, but with eyelid surgery, it can be easily rectified.

No more restricted vision: Excessive weight on your upper eyelid can hamper your vision. You might find it hard to lift your upper eyelid. With blepharoplasty, it can be avoided.

These three cosmetic surgeries are very important in giving you a newer image. Even though I have discussed only about three cosmetic surgeries above, many cosmetic surgery options are available that can make your looks tailor made to suit your choices. Like for instance a surgery on your lips helps to change the way you look, similarly cosmetic surgery on your skin can improve the quality and feel of your skin making it more smooth and fine.

Cosmetic surgeries are also done on nose, ear, and face to get better results on skin and body contour.

Breast aesthetic surgery

Breast aesthetic surgery is a procedure for increasing, lifting or reducing the the size of breasts.

Breast Augmentation

Women go for breast augmentation for varied reasons. Some of them do it for restoring and reshaping of the breast while others do it for increasing the size and shape of their breasts.

Breast Lift

With age, pregnancy and nursing most women may experience drooping and sagging of breasts. The skin stretches and the breasts begin to sag. In order to restore the size and shape of their breasts some of them go for the procedure breast lift also known as mastopexy to give it a youthful appearance.

Breast Reduction

Extremely large breasts can cause several health issues in women like neck and back pain, shoulder pain, headache and chafing besides the possible discontent with appearance. It can even lead to nerve damage.

Facial contouring

Facial contouring, also known as facial sculpting, is a procedure carried out to improve the general appearance of the face. The procedure aims to improve the proportion of the face and help facial features look more balanced.

Those with the square jaw, protruding cheeks, mouth or chin, and asymmetrical mouth will especially benefit from this procedure.

Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation is carried out to restore a youthful appearance. Surgical and/or non-surgical options can be opted to do this.  While surgical procedures can be used to restore facial symmetry such as brow lift (forehead lift), eye lift (blepharoplasty), facelift (rhytidectomy), chin lift and neck lift, non-surgical procedures can be used to treat wrinkles, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation and scars. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments include chemical peels, neuromodulator, dermal fillers, laser resurfacing, photorejuvenation, radiofrequency and Ultrasound.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation aims at making the skin younger and smoother. Anything that makes the skin looks fresher and softer can be called skin rejuvenation process, such as skin care products, treatments or in-office procedures.

Skin Surfacing

Skin resurfacing is a procedure that helps remove the top layer of the skin. Examples of skin surfacing include chemical peels, laser resurfacing and dermabrasion.

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